Last year I put up my Christmas lights in early November because it was a a relatively nice fall day and the forecast said the the next week or so was going to be cold and snowy. Well, it got cold and snowy and didn’t let up until Spring arrived in April. I felt pretty smug that I didn’t have to go up on the roof in the cold and snow to put up some lights but it was odd that the cold and snow arrived and never let up. This year was more of the same. On Sunday, 09 Nov 2014, I put up our Christmas lights on a relatively nice Fall day. The forecast called for the next week to get cold and snowy and so I went up on the roof while Sarah and the kids cleaned out the van.

Now we’re once again facing the sudden and apparently lasting onset of winter. With single digit temperatures this morning, along with below zero wind chills, and periodic snow showers during the morning it feels like winter is here for the duration again.

It wasn’t that long ago that we played croquet in shirt sleeves on Thanksgiving in our back yard. This is now two years in a row where we’ve gone from 50°F to 8°F in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Kids all over town are enjoying the snow, at least. Garrison and Dinah made a pair of snowmen in our front yard with the inch or so of snow that we got on Saturday night. Both kids also tried sledding down the small hill from our patio into the back yard. I noticed other kids on other sleds as we moved around town this weekend.

We took the kids swimming at the YMCA over the weekend. That’s another sign that winter is here. We can often be found at the open swim session during the winter as an excuse to get out of the house. Garrison is now tall enough to touch the bottom on the shallow end of the pool and keep his head fully above water. Dinah still needs her float vest to get around, but she gamely dog paddles all over the pool.