I had a really nice day on Father’s Day this year.

Sarah, my mom, the kids and I drove up to the Wisconsin Dells to take a ride on one of the Original Wisconsin Ducks. If you’ve seen so-called Ducks anywhere else, you know that they are amphibious vehicles re-purposed after WWII into tourist vehicles. In this case, the vehicles take customers for a ride through the woods, down into the Wisconsin River, up across a spit of land into Lake Delton, and then back across some land to the original embarkation point. I had always seen pictures of the Wisconsin Dells and the Wisconsin River but had never been on the river myself so it was fun to finally see what all the fuss was about. The river in that area has these high walls of Potsdam sandstone that periodically give way to flat sandy beaches. It looks like a great place to go canoeing, swimming, and kayaking. Sadly, we saw just a handful of people enjoying the river while we saw thousands upon thousands of people enjoying the massive water parks and other tourist attractions.

After enjoying one of those tourist attractions ourselves (the Duck boat ride), we had lunch at a local brewpub/pizza parlor. They were kind enough to serve me a 9.3%ABV Belgian trippel pint for a mere $5. Even if the rest of the meal was awful that was one heck of a bargain.

On our way through town earlier we had seen a so-called Indian Trading Post and Museum. As you might expect, the museum wasn’t much to look at the everything was for sale. We stopped anyway because I wanted to buy some overpriced plastic gimmicks for the kids, like I used to do when I was a kid. Garrison bought a helicopter that can be launched for short flights via a pull-string. Dinah bought herself a purple backscratcher.

Then it was time to head downtown to find a candy store (my choice) for dessert. Everyone got something sweet to chase lunch and then it was time to go home.

On the way home, all the adults who weren’t driving (me) fell asleep while the kids chattered at themselves.

So it wasn’t terribly exciting but it was a break from the ordinary and a relatively relaxing trip.