Today is the last day of Garrison’s 4K year. To use a trite phrase, “My, how time flies.” It seems like just a few weeks ago that we were putting him on the bus for the first time. He has definitely learned more about language, spelling, and math during his time in 4K and has made friends as well. He had the usual issues with getting out of the door in the morning that kids his age have, but they were never due to a lack of desire to get to school. His teacher was a big part of his success this year. She kept the classroom fun but focused with plenty of energy and enthusiasm. After seeing how the other 4K teacher operated (seemingly flat and without affect) Garrison got lucky to have the teacher he did.

After school today Sarah and I took him out to eat at his choice of restaurant. He chose Hy-Vee, a local grocery store, because he loves their orange chicken. Then we sat in the restaurant attached to the store (his choice) where we ate our salads while he ate his Chinese food and stared at the Weather Channel on the TV.

Dinah is still going to day care two days a week and Garrison will start going to the same preschool next week for the same two days. Dinah has done really well at her preschool/daycare over the last nine months. She isn’t shy about going into her class room any longer and seems to enjoy having a few reliable playmates. She will be moving up to a new classroom in the next couple of weeks and seems excited about the change. Of course, her attitude could change once the change actually takes place, but for now I’m happy to see her excited.

Last weekend we camped out in the backyard. We’re going camping soon and we thought it made sense to have a dry run of sleeping in the tent before we went through all the trouble of dragging all our camping gear to a campsite. So we set up the tent and filled it up with sleeping bags and air mattresses. The kids were very excited to sleep out in the yard and given the long days here currently they didn’t go to sleep until hours after their normal bed time, even with both Sarah and I in the tent.

In our worst fears both kids would be up with the sun and the birds (about 04:41, currently) but only Garrison was awake before 07:00. Both kids were very tired the next day due to the fact that each got far less sleep than usual but they were otherwise fine. It is safe to say that our expectations for the night out in the yard were exceeded, but they were very low to begin with.

How the kids will deal with a campground full of campers and tents, mosquitoes (we have more than our fair share this year), camp fires, and the like remains to be seen but for now we are still planning on camping.

Dalla killed another chipmunk the other day and dug another nest of rabbits out of the yard a week or so ago. She may be 11 but that hasn’t quelled her hunting instincts at all.