On my Twitter feed one day, I saw that Tobasco was offering up bottles of their Family Reserve. Having never heard of that before, I did some research and found that I definitely wanted to get some, if I could.

The last time this stuff was available (as near as I can tell) was three years ago and even this time there is a limited run of bottles available.

Tobasco Family Reserve is aged a minimum of eight years, compared to the three normal Tobasco sauce receives. And the price reflects that. I paid almost $30 for just two bottles after shipping and handling was added to the price.

Is it worth it?

It’s probably hard to say whether or not the stuff is worth several times the cost of a normal bottle of Tobasco.

It is good hot sauce, however. Most of the vinegar tang usually associated with Tobasco is gone and the heat is much higher. In addition, the flavor is fuller, rounder with more pepper flavor in the absence of the vinegar flavor.

I’m glad I bought it and I’m doubly glad that I bought two bottles. Is it worth $15/bottle. That question is still up in the air.