We took the kids out for a spin on our bikes during Ride the Drive here in Madison. Ride the Drive is an event where a major car travel route (John Nolen Drive, in this case) is closed to cars and all traffic lanes and the shoulders are opened to bikes, roller skaters, walkers, joggers, etc. It was inspired by similar events in Chicago that close Lakeshore Drive to cars.

Garrison is over the moon about the fact that he can ride a trailer bike now. He spent the whole ride enthusiastically whooping it up, and since he was right behind me, I can attest to that fact. Sarah towed Dinah in the trailer, and while Dinah wasn’t enthused in the same way Garrison was, she enjoyed herself nonetheless.

The day prior I hooked up the trailer bike to my bike, and then connected the bike trailer to the trailer bike. It’s a bit like being at the head of the freight train, especially since my bike only has one gear. Getting going from a stop isn’t exactly a quick process. When we’re in that configuration, Garrison likes to talk about how he’s towing Dinah because she’s behind him.