Like many people, our family took videos in the latter half of the twentieth century on film. And, like many families, those movies have gone unwatched for years and years since the world has changed video formats numerous times and eventually gone digital.

When the plastic storage box containing our family’s movies ended up in our possession, Sarah and I decided to see what we could do to get them onto a modern storage and playback medium. We initally paid someone local a non-trivial sum to carefully transfer a select handful of videos on to some DVDs. We made copies of the DVDs and gave them to family. However, we would go broke paying for all of that work for every video in the box.

So, we took them to Costco, who then farmed the job out to YesVideo. And while the resulting DVD maybe isn’t quite as good as we could have gotten from the local video transfer maven, the price for transferring numerous reels on to a DVD was much better.

However, having a couple of DVDs to pass around through the mail didn’t excite us much. So, earlier today I uploaded the results from that DVD to a YouTube playlist.

While you’re watching the videos in the playlist you might notice details that are wrong or missing in the video descriptions, so please don’t hesitate to e-mail me corrections and additions.