I was driving Garrison and Dinah to Garrison’s swimming lessons yesterday. For whatever reason, traffic around Madison seemed a bit worse than usual. As we were waiting for traffic to start moving at a light, I heard the following from the back seat: “Just honk at the guy, Daddy!”

I explained to Garrison how that wouldn’t do any good because the guy in front of us was just waiting for the guy in front of him to move and how that guy is waiting for the guy in front of him to move, etc., etc.

We drove on a bit farther and we stopped at another light. Again, traffic started to move slowly after the light changed to green. “Just honk at the guy, Daddy!”

Once again I explained how that wasn’t necessary in this instance and once again the vocal populace of the second-row car seats was quieted.

After swimming was over we were running some errands. We got stopped at another light. The light changed to green, and it didn’t take long for the familiar chorus to start. “Just honk at the guy, Daddy!”

He may not yet be able to tell me how to change lanes, parallel park, or get him where he wants to go, but Garrison clearly thinks that he’s got the car horn figured out.