Dinah has accumulated a number of nicknames so far. Some of them are more widely used within the family than others.

Garrison insists on calling her “Boze”. We’re not sure how to spell it, nor where it came from, but he uses it two hundred times a day or more. We’ll be lucky if she doesn’t grow up with that name. Sarah will occasionally use it while she’s talking to Garrison about Dinah but I’ve so far been refusing because I don’t like it.

Dinah’s other nicknames include:<dl><dt>Cranky Baby</dt><dd>We haven’t used this one for a while. When she was much younger she was often inconsolable for anyone who wasn’t Sarah. At those times she was definitely Cranky Baby.</dd><dt>Little D</dt><dd>This one gets some play around the house. She is the littlest member of the family whose name starts with the letter D so it’s not even terribly inaccurate.</dd><dt>Baby Time</dt><dd>This is her newest nickname. It came about from people wanting to spend time with the baby and since has evolved into a nickname. Garrison even used it the other day, which I wasn’t expecting, since it doesn’t quite lend itself to extended verbal mangling like the word “Boze” does.</dd></dl>