Garrison’s day care helps the kids keep “journals.” Primarily, these are little one page stories each child tells after reading a book or listening to a story. The teachers write down what the kids say and post it on a bulletin board for the parents to read. Below are a couple of samples from Garrison’s journal.> These are rainbows. I love rainbows.

On Thursday, the rainbows came to play.

The rainbows got hurt and pushed. They cried.

I helped them back so they wouldn’t cry anymore.

I didn’t push them down.

My turkey’s name is Dinah Emberly. She slept in a nest with eggs.

There were 2 eggs. The eggs cracked and little eggs came out.

There were more little eggs in the little eggs.

The turkey ate some eggs. She liked them. I do too.

She went in the leaf pile to look for bunnies. She didn’t find them yet.

Then she went into the hostas to look for them and there they were.

There were 2 bunnies. The bunnies said, “Don’t find me.”Dinah said, “I’m sorry.”