Recently I came across <a href””>Busha Browne’s Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce while spending some time in the Twin Cities. It looked interesting and came with warnings about using too much, so I bought one bottle. The bottle claims that the sauce is made from scotch bonnet peppers. The only evidence I have to support that claim is that those are the only peppers listed on the ingredients list. The sauce itself isn’t very hot, despite what some reviews online would like you to believe. I used just a bit initially, but quickly found myself shaking it all over my plate to the heat up to where I expected it to be. The flavor of the pepper is subdued, especially in comparison to Desert Pepper XXX. The biggest turn-off to the sauce is the extremely thick nature of it. Modified food starch claims a prominent place in the ingredients list and they certainly didn’t scrimp on it. You definitely don’t pour this out of the bottle; you shake the bottle to get the viscous sauce to move from one end of the bottle to the other.

Should you buy this? No. The flavor of the pepper is so subdued that you mostly get heat. The extremely thick nature of the sauce makes you wonder if they haven’t cut costs by reducing the peppers in the recipe and replacing their bulk with food starch. There are definitely better options out there.