With the arrival of Spring comes a post on my long-neglected blog. Everyone in our family is delighted that Spring is finally here. For whatever reason, this was a long winter for all of us. We’ve got some daffodils coming in the back yard and some tulips coming up in the front. It appears that some kale successfully overwintered underneath the snow in one of our gardens and the iris on the south side of our house seems to be leaping out of the ground. The squirrels are back for Dalla to chase. All of this makes us all very happy.

Garrison continues to grow and change with every day. Now that we’ve made it through the bottleneck of winter, he chafes at the bit to get outside every day. He really wants to get outside because we’ve put his big dump truck and digger outside and he likes to dig holes, make dirt piles, and generally pretend that he’s running a construction site in our back yard. Diggers, in all their forms, are Garrison’s current obsession. He particularly loves excavators, but he also enjoys front-end loaders, backhoes, skid steer loaders, and bulldozers. He also likes to watch dump trucks, and garbage trucks. Basically, any sort of construction equipment gets him going. He has books about diggers that he reads to himself (making up the words at this age) and books about diggers that we read to him. He is always interested in watching diggers on YouTube (“excavator vs house”, the “if i was a digger” series, and “Kids DVD on Trucks - Excavator” are some of his favorites) and we have to carefully monitor his time in front of the screen or he’d spend all day glassy-eyed in front of the monitor. For a long time, he’d ask to watch “digger knock the house down” after he saw a video of an excavator knocking down a house on YouTube. Since then, he’s broadened his request to “watch diggers on peter, please?” which can be translated to “Can I watch videos of diggers on the computer, please?” It can be very hard to say no when he asks so nicely, but we often do. His favorite book for the last month-plus is Diggerman, which details how a small kid a year or so older than Garrison plans to “buy a huge digger” and what he’ll do with said digger once he purchases it. He took it to day care one day and the teachers said that they read it to him five times during the course of the day. We initially checked a copy out of the library, but once it became clear that he loved the book we bought our own copy. It is not unheard of for him to request an immediate re-reading of the book upon finishing it. Recently, when we’re at a store, Garrison starts talking about buying a huge digger. We were at Target the other day and he said that he wanted to go to the huge digger part of the store so that he could buy a huge digger.

A few months ago I told Garrison—once, in passing—that I had to go to work to earn the money to buy the M&Ms. For whatever reason, his brain made an immediate connection between what I said and what was going on around him. Now he routinely says that Mommy and Daddy go to work to “buy M&Ms”. The other day he caught me by suprise when I was changing his diaper and he said “Mommy go work; Daddy go work; Garrison go work.” I said that he was going to his daycare instead, but he insisted that he was going to work so that he could “buy a huge digger.”His obsession with construction equipment hasn’t necessarily blunted his love of sports, however. He likes to throw the football around (though he can’t catch it, really), and he still likes to play “hockey” in the living room. We bought him a little toddler soccer goal and he likes to pretend that it’s a hockey goal. He puts himself in front of it and plays “goalie”. When you shoot the puck towards the goal he goes down, writhing on his back, regardless of where the shot actually ends up. It’s relatively amusing. He has some vague idea that soccer involves kicking a soccer ball around, and he knows what baseball is. He’s still working on pedaling his trike (also known as his “bike”), though I expect that he’ll pick that up before too long, especially now that he can ride it outside in the nicer weather.

For breakfast he’s decided that pancakes and waffles are the only acceptable foods most days of the week. Once in a while we are able to get him to accept something else for breakfast (today he had two scrambled eggs, for instance), but those are pretty rare days. Part of the attraction seems to be the fun of winding a sticky, syrup covered fork in his hair during the meal. We’re working on that, but it’s been a slow process so far. Since we don’t have the time to make pancakes or waffles every day, we make a batch on Sunday and freeze the remainder for the rest of the week. Fortunately, his consumption is at a level where we can do that. For a period of time late last year, every morning Garrison would climb up into my lap when I had my eggs, toast, and coffee and mooch whatever he could get his little hands on. It got to the point where he was almost eating more of my breakfast than I was. Since that time, he’s scaled back on the mooching and he no longer is so obsessive about eating my breakfast.

Garrison still loves beans in soups and even plain. He’s willing to try more foods, but most of them are deemed to be “too spicy”, even if they aren’t very spicy at all. He’s slowly coming around to the idea that something can be “too sweet” though usually things he doesn’t like are “too spicy”. His favorite vegetables are carrots, broccoli and cauliflower (also known as “white brocky”).

Sarah and I are embarking on a big project that will significantly affect all our lives in the upcoming months: we are adding on to our house. We’re making a bigger kitchen and reclaiming one of our bedrooms on the first floor that is currently used as a dining room. As part of the addition, we’re moving the basement stairs, adding a full room underneath the addition in the basement, and doing some other work. It’s going to be a very big project and it will take the better part of three months. However, when it is all said and done we’ll have a great new living space.

Our curling seasons are almost over. Last week Sarah curled her last game. My team made the playoffs so we’re taking the ice tonight for our first playoff game. Interestingly, the game is against my old team. We’ll keep playing one game per day this week until we either lose or win the championship. This is my first year with a new team, so it is exciting to make the playoffs in our first year together.