Last night after giving Garrison his bath, I went to the garage door, expecting to find Dalla waiting to come in from the outside. Normally, she’s ready to come back inside during the winter after just five or ten minutes by herself outside. In this instance, she’d been outside for more than twenty without a peep. I went to the door that separates the garage from the yard and whistled for her several times. Eventually, she came trotting towards the house from the dark yard. Even with her success over the past year killing rabbits, voles, and mice in the yard I was surprised to see her carrying the item pictured below in her mouth.She was happy to drop the carcass and come indoors, so I let her into the house. She ran to the other end of the house and got some praise from Sarah and Garrison. That’s when Sarah noticed that Dalla had fleas on her neck that she most likely picked up from the rabbit. So, it was into the bath for her and I got to give my second bath of the evening.