In the last week or so, Garrison’s language development has really taken off. It probably helps that he’s without an ear infection for the first time in a long time. He’s making all sorts of new sounds, and trying out some new syllables. He hasn’t really mastered too many new words, but he’s trying all the time. He says the word “shoes” and he knows what it means. He knows what the word “sweatshirt” means, but he doesn’t say it. He knows how to say “Touchdown!” and now breaks it out any time he’s excited about something. He even raises both hands above his head occasionally, as though he knows not only what it means, but the signal as well. He forgot how to say “Dalla” during his long string of ear infections and he calls her “Da-Tah” is a sort of whispery-sing-songy voice now. Of course, he calls all dogs “Da-Tah” in that same voice, so maybe he’s actually trying to say “dog”? He has a rudimentary grasp of how to say “ball” but the word isn’t all there yet. He’s now using sign language a bit more. He uses the sign for “milk” when he’s thirsty and he does a version of “all done” when he’s finished eating. Instead of the official sign for “more”, he smashes his fist into his palm as a universal sign for “I want”. In short, communicating with him is getting easier, but we’ve still got a long journey ahead of us.

He’s also taken to climbing up in a big way. He figured out how to climb up on a dining room chair, so now we have to keep an even closer eye on him to prevent him from either climbing up the back of the chairs and tipping them over or climbing up on to the table top (which he tries multiple times per day). He can climb up in his stroller now, and can go up and down stairs fairly well.

He’s also grown a fair bit in the last month or so. He used to fit in size 5 toddler shoes, and now we’re buying 6.5 shoes because the old ones don’t fit any more.

We put in our garden a couple of weeks ago once the danger of frost was past. We’ve got some tomatoes, peppers, beans, zucchini, broccoli, lettuce, kohlrabi, and cauliflower in the garden this year. The broccoli is almost ready to harvest already, while the kohlrabi have taken a beating from something (maybe cabbage moth worms?) that has almost completely wiped it out. The raspberries are coming on strong and it looks like we’re in for a bumper crop this year. The hops that survived the winter are doing generally OK and I should get a reasonable harvest this year. Unfortunately, only a handful of hops survived, so I’ll only get two varieties, at most. I’ll have to plant more rhizomes next spring.