If I had just one word to describe the members of our house this week, it would be “sick.” It started last week when Garrison (patient zero) brought home another day care plague. This led to not only another set of ear infections for him, it also opened the door for bacterial conjunctivitis (a.k.a. pink eye). Of course, his pink eye didn’t manifest until we were already out the door on a trip to Minnesota. After telephone consultation with our doctor’s office, we decided to wait until we got back to Madison on Monday to seek treatment.

On Monday, both his infections were diagnosed and he started on antibiotics. That same day, I went to work, but locked myself in an office to avoid my co-workers because I wasn’t sick enough to stay home, but I was sick enough to infect them. Tuesday, I stayed home with Garrison because he wasn’t welcome at day care with pink eye and I was getting sicker.

Today, Wednesday, both Sarah and I were home sick, sick, sick. We’re both hoping for a better tomorrow.

On the upside, Dalla’s mysterious sickness, which prompted her to wake Sarah three times in the middle of the night on Sunday night, appears to have passed.

As mentioned above, we went to Minnesota last weekend to visit some of my relatives. They have a farm west of Rochester that is conveniently located roughly half-way between Madison and Watertown (where my Mom lives). She drove out and met us at the farm, so we shared Mothers Day with her and my relatives.

As we travel, we’re slowly discovering Garrison’s tolerance for trips of various lengths. A driving trip of about four hours is pretty much the limit of what he’ll tolerate before melting down. We flew to Cleveland in April to visit Sarah’s family and for flights, anything over 1.5 hours is tough on everyone.

When we visited Cleveland, Garrison came down with an ear infection on the day we flew out there. Sarah had him checked for an ear infection the day prior to leaving. The doctor saw nothing wrong with his ears. The morning of our departure, Garrison became inconsolable shortly before we needed to leave for the airport. While Sarah put him down for a nap, I pushed back our flight by five hours (and paid a change fee). We eventually arrived in Cleveland, only to suffer through a sleepless night. A trip to urgent care showed both of his ears to be infected and back on antibiotics he went.

It’s become a given that if we travel, Garrison is going to come down with a previously undiagnosed ear infection as we’re walking out the door. Supposedly, the ear infections diminish radically when kids get to be about two years old. That can’t come soon enough.