Now that early spring is upon us, Garrison is spending more and more time outside every day. At day care, they bring the kids outside every afternoon and let them crawl and toddle around an enclosed area with toys and a sand box. This means that every day that we pick Garrison up, he’s got really dirty hands and sand in his hair, pants, shoes, and often, his diaper. At home, it’s often hard to get him to come back inside without picking him up and depositing him indoors, which always leads to a crying spell. Dalla is enjoying spring even more. She spends almost more time outside than in. She spends her days reclining regally in the back yard, and generally graces us with her presence most often around meal times. Sarah started her annual attack on the weeds in her herb garden over the weekend while I took the blade off the mower last weekend so that it could be sharpened. We’re currently looking at fencing options to keep both rabbits and small humans out of herb and vegetable gardens.

Sarah and I started biking Garrison to and from day care a couple of weeks ago. We bought a bike trailer years ago for shuttling groceries home from the market, and this year we finally rigged it for human travel now that Garrison can ride in it. The only downside is that his day care is on top of one of the largest hills in town. It’s a rather punishing uphill ride from our place, but coming home is literally all downhill. If nothing else, all that uphill riding is good exercise for Sarah and I. Garrison doesn’t seem to mind the trailer, but he’s definitely not fond of his helmet. A couple of times I’ve gotten home only to find his helmet in his lap, rather than on his head. Now that he’s mostly figured out walking, Garrison is working on climbing up. He started by climbing a little two or three inch step from the patio to the garage, and by climbing up onto the seat of a low futon in his bedroom. Since then, he’s gotten much more adventurous. We were in the kitchen over the weekend and were generally giving him less than a quarter of our combined attention because we were both working on something and we have the kitchen fairly well baby-proofed. It got fairly quiet (always a bad sign), so we looked up to find him standing on the seat of the rocking chair we keep in the kitchen, rocking back and forth while holding on to the back. That was an unexpected sight. He’s also tried climbing up some other places in the house, but is currently limited by his short stature to locations where he can get a solid handhold and pull himself up with his hands and arms. Fortunately, those locations are few and far between. He found it possible to climb into the seat of the rocking chair because he was able to get a grip on the slats that form the chair back.

One of Garrison’s few words (or is it a phrase?) is “Uh oh” said in a bit of a sing-song. He likes to say that after throwing his milk or water cup over the side of the high chair. We can only assume that he learned that at day care as neither of us can remember teaching it to him. It’s generally cute, though he often says “Uh oh” before throwing something over the side of the high chair, which definitely lessens the cute-factor significantly. The invocation of Dalla’s name is the concomitant to food flying off the high chair, though whether or not it precedes the airborne vittles seems to be predicated mostly on whim.