Last weekend we were still enjoying a run of beautiful weather. Nearly every day dawned with some fog that cleared in the late morning. After that we had sunny skies and temperatures in the seventies until early evening when dark would fall and temperatures would head towards the lower fifties. For weeks we had no threat of rain, so every single day it was like living a California summer all over again.

We took advantage of that fact to get out several times over the weekend.

We started by purchasing a new baby backpack. Our previous model was OK for short jaunts around the neighborhood and smaller babies, but for actual hiking with larger babies, it wasn’t the most comfortable. So, we invested some money in a much more comfortable pack that is more appropriate for longer hikes with bigger babies.

We took the pack out to an orchard and Garrison got his first experience with apples fresh off the tree. There isn’t a large variety of apples ripe at the moment, but we plan on going again sometime in October. Interested parties can see photos that we took while apple picking in the Photo Gallery.

We also took the time for another picnic and hike. We went out to Governor Dodge State Park and enjoyed ourselves for another afternoon. Garrison got to roll around on the picnic blanket, suck on some more apple slices, and fall asleep in the new baby carrier. Dalla got to run around and look for critters to hunt (she didn’t find any). Sarah and I got out to enjoy some of the early fall color. Again, there are photos from the trip in the Photo Gallery for interested parties.