This weekend I brewed my first all-grain batch of beer. I decided to brew up a pale ale, and after reading plenty of recipes, decided to brew this batch by the seat of my pants, went out in the yard, and started brewing. Six and one-half hours later, I had everything put away and a batch of beer in a fermenter. In the future, I expect it will take less time for a simple batch like the one I did this weekend, but given the complexity of the setup, I felt that that time window was not half-bad. In the picture below, you can see 2/3 of my all-grain brewing setup. The hot liquor tank is on top of the propane burner on the left, while the mash/lauter tun is in the middle of the frame. The boil kettle isn’t shown, but it looks pretty much identical to the hot liquor tank. There is a pump on the chair below the mash/lauter tun that is recirculating hot wort through a heater on the right side of the tank, and back into the top. On the right side of the bench my counter-flow heat exchanger is visible. If you want to see the picture in greater detail, you can click on it for the original size.[All-Grain Brewing Setup](/assets/2009/09/P9120002.