Now that Garrison has started at day care, we have our own personal disease vector. He came down with a runny nose and the sneezes over the weekend and it wasn’t more than a day or two until both Sarah and I were sick, as well. When he first got sick, he would sleep for more than an hour or so in his crib until the mucus would inhibit his ability to breathe which, naturally enough, woke him up. We traded off turns keeping an eye on him, so one or the other of us was up all night for the most part. Eventually, I got wise to the problem and stuck some rolled up blankets under one end of his crib mattress. Once I laid him down on his back with his head slightly elevated, his breathing eased and he was able to sleep for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, we’re all still varying degrees of sick. Garrison also started to refuse any sort of bottle, sippy cup, or solid food over the weekend from either of us over the weekend. He generally refuses bottles from the ladies at day care, but would eat solid foods when they were offered by the teachers, however. This flat-out refusal of both went on until Tuesday evening when Sarah, with great effort, was able to get him to eat some solids again. Wednesday afternoon we took him in to see a nurse practitioner. She did all the requisite poking, prodding, listening, and examining before declaring that he had ear infections and that they were likely the reasons that he was refusing the bottle. She said that we could put him on antibiotics or wait and it would likely clear up in four to seven days. The fact that he was eating again likely meant that it was clearing up already, so we decided to wait (prescription in hand, should we need it).

He’s still quite actively refusing to be fed by me. Wednesday night Sarah went to the grocery store and he woke up shortly after she left. He absolutely refused to even consider the bottles I made for him, so he had no choice but to scream his little heart out until Sarah got back. That wasn’t fun for Garrison or me.