The weekend after Memorial Day is a bit of a dead time here in Madison. There aren’t any big festivals (none that we care about, at least), and not much else is going on. So, we took advantage of the down time to make a trip to Mt. Horeb for the afternoon on Sunday.

Our original plan was to visit Mineral Point, which is about an hour away. Garrison disagreed with that plan once we got into the car, so we pulled off in Mt. Horeb (twenty minutes into the drive) and called it good. We ate lunch at the Grumpy Troll brewery, which I had been planning to do at some undefined time in the future for some time now. We made the obligatory visit to the Mustard Museum and bought unusual mustards, and generally had a pleasant afternoon together before heading back to Madison. Garrison is still developing well. He’s rolling all over the place now since he easily rolls front to back and vice versa. He has trouble when he goes back to front since he often ends up with one arm pinned beneath him when he arrives on his stomach. Other than that, however, he’s got the rolling over thing down. In fact, we can’t leave him unattended on the floor in certain areas now or his rolling will quickly bring him into contact with things that he’d likely put in his mouth.

We gave him his first solid foods on 30 May 2009 when he had his first serving of rice cereal. He took to it like a champ, though he seems to wear as much as he eats. So far, he’s gotten just three servings of the cereal while we make sure that it ‘s agreeing with his still developing digestive tract.

Sarah went back to work today, which meant that I was Mr. Mom for the day. Actually, I’ll be Mr. Mom every Monday and Tuesday until September, while Sarah will be home with Garrison every Thursday and Friday during that period. Finding child care that is affordable, trustworthy, and reasonably conveniently located has so far proven to be a tough nut to crack. So, I’m using up some of my accumulated vacation and Sarah is working just part time. Hopefully, we’ll have some sort of permanent day care lined up come September.

Observant readers may have noticed that we’re seemingly leaving Garrison in Dalla’s care on Wednesdays. Actually, we’ve hired a nanny to come watch him on Wednesday while we’re both at work. Sarah conducted a search and found one of the local undergraduates that she trusts to keep the boy alive, the dog alive, and the house from burning down for eight hours every Wednesday. I wasn’t aware of the distinction between a baby sitter and a nanny until I naively inquired as to how the search for a baby sitter was progressing, but I now understand that we’ve hired a nanny.