When Sarah’s parents visited us about a month ago, her father, Mike, helped me to bottle this beer that I brewed while on paternity leave. Since then, it has finished carbonating in the bottle and I’ve tried a few. It has a distinct yarrow aroma and taste, with just a hint of piney juniper in the aroma and aftertaste. It isn’t my favorite beer, but is much more palatable than the yarrow-sage beer that I brewed last summer. The recipe is below.1.2 oz. juniper berries3.3 lbs. gold malt syrup1/4 lb. brown sugar3 oz. yarrowWyeast American Ale yeast3/4 c. corn sugar (for bottling)Steep berries in 1 gallon water for 1/2 hour at 150-160 degrees.

Add malt, sugar, and 2 oz. yarrow. Boil for 55 minutes.

Add remaining ounce of yarrow and boil for 5 more minutes.

Add to one gallon water in 3 gallon carboy. Top off with water to make three gallons. When cool, pitch yeast. Ferment, prime, and bottle as usual.

Starting gravity - 1.054Final gravity - unknown (measurement was nonsensical).