Now that we’ve had Garrison at home for a bit more than a week, I can reflect upon our lives with an infant in the house.

I’m currently staying home on a three week paternity leave, which has been great for helping Sarah around the house. She has been really busy with feeding Garrison at times, especially in the evening, so I’ve been doing the cooking, cleaning, and the like. We laid in a stock of meals and ingredients before Garrison’s due date, so the meal preparation hasn’t been too onerous. For the most part, Garrison has been what most people would call a “good baby”. He feeds almost continuously from 20:00-00:30 at night, takes one more feeding around 02:00, and then can sleep for four to five hours. He only sleeps for a half-hour or so unless he’s in our bed. If we leave him in a crib or bassinet, he sleeps fitfully, when he sleeps at all. He generally doesn’t cry without a reason. If he’s crying, he’s most likely either wearing a messy diaper or he’s hungry. That makes it fairly easy to figure out what’s wrong in his world.

He’s been spending more time awake and alert, but not crying or feeding in the last couple of days. He still doesn’t really react to people or objects, but that’s fine. It’s just good to have him awake and alert for reasons beyond “I want” or “I need”.

Dalla and Garrison have been getting along generally fine. She wants nothing to do with him when he’s in full roar, but otherwise tolerates his presence. She does try to lick his hands, feet, and face when she’s allowed, but so far she doesn’t seem threatened by his presence. Garrison doesn’t seem to know her from the sofa at this point, which is probably to be expected.

We took our first post-baby outing as a family to a series of locations that did not include a doctor’s office yesterday. Fortunately, Garrison likes riding in the car, and he seems soothed by the car’s motion. His car seat clips on to shopping carts, and those seem to mimic the car’s motion enough that he did OK on our trip. It’s possible that we got lucky in that we went earlier in the day (when he’s not quite as fussy), so a trip later in the day might not be as smooth.

Dalla’s doggie door broke earlier this month during one of our colder weather stretches. The plastic that she pushes aside to get through the door broke off in some -5F weather, so I had to craft a new door out of some left-over vinyl and some bits of the original door. Fortunately, the replacement door seems to be holding its own, even in cold weather.

Sarah has been recovering from labor at a good clip. She said that she wanted to walk the dog yesterday and she came back from the walk pleased with the exercise. She found it invigorating to get out of the house and stretch her legs.