"No baby yet," was the theme of the weekend.

The first words out of the mouth of everyone we meet, everyone who calls us, and everyone we call are, "Have you had the baby yet?" Our neighbors at the bus stop this morning all asked, "Do you have any news at your house?" Clearly they weren’t asking if we had anything interesting in the fridge, if we saw any interesting birds in the back yard, or if Dalla got another squirrel. So, when I said that everything was the same, they all made me promise to let them know when something changed.

We’re still struggling with a boy’s name, so perhaps the late arrival is a good thing if we end up having a boy.

Sarah’s doctor told her to get plenty of exercise as that usually moves labor along, so we went hiking both Saturday and Sunday. Both days we had nice hikes in the woods since the weather was mild (for this time of year).

My thought to move labor along was to start some home improvement project that would be inconvenient not to finish before the baby arrived. So Sunday, we bought a new faucet for the bathroom sink and I installed it in the afternoon. I assumed that her labor would start just after I got the old faucet and drain off and before I got the new ones attached. Nothing doing, however. Even after I had to make a trip to the hardware store 3/4 of the way through the process. Regardless, we now have a new bathroom faucet that replaces the old ugly one we got with the house.

Dalla now understands all the intricacies of the doggie door, which is nice given the cold weather barreling down on us. We can send her out into the garage, and she lets herself in and out of the yard when she’s ready.