Two days in Cleveland is not to be confused with One Night in Bangkok, by any means. Two weeks ago we traveled east to visit Cleveland.

We decided to take a trip east because I hadn’t been to Cleveland since May, 2007, and Sarah hadn’t been there since December, 2007. In addition, Sarah’s parents recently purchased a different house and we wanted to see what it was like. As usual, the drive there and back was epic in length. There is simply no good time to drive through or around Chicago. We hit the metro area around noon while traveling eastbound and around 13:00 while westbound but had to suffer through traffic both times. I guess the only consolation is that we didn’t expose ourselves to full-on rush hour traffic. At least the electronic tolling that Illinois installed over the last couple of years has made the payment of tolls less of a headache.

Dalla came with us, as you might expect. She’s not much for staying at other people’s houses, but she likes visiting the Cleveland Metro Parks and running through the woods.

The Cleveland metro area is about like I remember it. More real estate signs than I’ve seen there in the past as their housing market is suffering a fair amount, but that’s probably the biggest visible change. The Ohio GOP is using many of the same tactics that the Wisconsin GOP currently employs to discourage people from voting, which I guess isn’t surprising. Skullduggery doesn’t seem to be limited by state lines.