For the Fourth of July this year we had spectacular weather for a generally lazy day.

With gentle breezes, sun, a few wispy clouds, and temperatures in the 70s, we had glorious weather for the Fourth. Sarah and I originally planned to hit some garage sales that morning to look for infant-appropriate furniture, but there were almost none so we scrapped that plan. Instead, we rode our bikes to the local miniature golf establishment and played a round of 18 holes. After the first nine, Sarah had a two stroke lead, but I rallied on the back nine to take the title.

Friday evening, we walked up the hill to watch a nearby fireworks show, something we’ve done for the last few years. This year we left Dalla at home since she clearly doesn’t like fireworks that are reasonably close. It’s too bad that we couldn’t leave the mosquitoes at home, too. They got pretty ugly while we were waiting for the show to start, but we persevered and the show did eventually start. Normally, the show we watch is nothing special, but worth the walk, nonetheless. This year, it was amateur hour. I’ve never been to a show that was so badly paced. It went something like this: fireworkfirework … … … firework fireworkfountain … … … … … firework … … … … .. … fireworkfirework. Even the grand finale was paced such it wasn’t a grand finale in anything but name. Apparently nobody told the folks manning the firing tubes that if you shoot off the grand finale fireworks one at a time, instead of all at once or several at a time, it isn’t any more impressive than the rest of the show and people never know when you’re done.

We hosted our second cook-out of the week on Saturday evening as several co-workers of mine came over. The menu was burgers, potato salad, green salad, cheese bread, cheese curds, homemade ice cream, and strawberries. The mosquitoes left us alone long enough that we were able to enjoy dinner on the patio for several hours.

Sunday morning we went hiking at a nature preserve south of town for an hour or so. We picked some yarrow (which went into my next batch of beer) and a handful of blackberries. A bumper crop of blackberries should be ready in a week or two and we’ll likely go back then. Sunday afternoon I brewed said batch of beer while Sarah knocked a couple of holes in the front of the house as part of our soffit-replacement project.

A friend of mine from Tufts came through town earlier in the week on his way from Vermont (where he used to live) to Olympia, Washington (where he’s moving). A picture of his luxurious rolling home is below. We cooked a meal for him and his father who was helping with the drive on Tuesday evening.

Oscar, the campervan.