It’s official, Madison has gotten over 100” of snow so far this winter.

We got 7.7” of snow on Friday; Sunday threw another 0.7” of snow our way. The forecast calls for 2-3” of accumulation on Thursday. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are completely, wholly, unreservedly, in every way, one hundred percent tired of winter.

Curling season ended for me last week. My team ended up just short of the playdowns, which was disappointing, but not unexpected. We played hard, but didn’t win consistently enough to merit a spot in the playdowns. Sarah has one tournament left and then she’ll be done for the season, as well. Two weeks ago, I attended a chainsaw safety, operation, and maintenance class offered through the Aldo Leopold Woodland School. For someone like myself who doesn’t know the first thing about chainsaws but finds himself in possession of one, the class was really interesting. The best part of the day was when we went out into the woods and practiced taking down trees. The class has four levels and I’ve finished level one. I’m hoping to find the time to get back for some of the higher levels in the course soon.

Ira was recently diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. Sarah took him to the vet hospital where he got x-rayed, poked, prodded, and the like before he was diagnosed. Suffice it to say that he didn’t agree with any of that treatment. Now he has to be injected with antibiotics every three days until the infection clears. There is probably no member of our household who is looking forward to spring and summer more than he is.

Dalla started her any semi-annual shed-fest last week so she’s been getting regular brushing to pull out all the undercoat before she helpfully layers our furniture in dog hair. It’s best to brush her outdoors so that the wind helps blow away the undercoat. In addition, the birds like to use her surplus fur to line their nests so it doesn’t go to waste.