If you’re ever feeling like nothing can get you down, pick up a scraper and a paintbrush and have a go at painting your house. That should bring you back to Earth in a hurry. After a long tough nine days, our house is mostly painted. Sarah and I worked hard on the preparation for days before a single dollop of paint was brushed on to the house. We scraped, sanded, swore, scraped, sanded, and swore some more. Finally, I blew a gasket and said, “Paint will go on this house today!” Not much paint went on the house that day, but some paint, all primer, did. After that, we picked up steam, painting more and more each day. It wasn’t until the weekend, however, that the project really started running smoothly. Not coincidentally, that was the day my sister, Amy, showed up to help with the painting.

Amy may not much like the prep. work (who does?), but she has a knack for painting that neither Sarah or I possess. In the time it would take me to paint one short side of the house, Amy would paint almost all of one long side. Not only is she a fast painter, but she does excellent work with no drips or runs. I tried studying her technique, but came up empty. It didn’t appear that she was doing anything different than I was, but the results clearly said otherwise.

With the help of the One Woman Paint Crew we got two coats of paint on the vast majority of the house. We need to do some touch-up work in a couple of spots, and there are two very small areas that still need a second coat, but for the most part, the heavy lifting is over.

If you’re interested in seeing a small portion of the final results (I didn’t take much time to snap many pictures), the photo gallery has a photo or two that may interest you.