Last year when I was out picking wild black raspberries, I had Dalla with me and I fed her a couple. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that she could pick her own black raspberries right off the vines if she was careful. Of course, her selections weren’t always the best because she didn’t know to only pick the black ones, but that didn’t seem to bother her. It meant that I had to pick a little faster because I was competing against a voracious eater, however.

Our raspberries at home are getting ripe enough to eat, so last night we pulled a handful off the vines and sampled them. At the same time, we shared a couple with Dalla. Again, she realized that she could go straight to the source, so she started trying to eat the raspberries right off the vines. Sarah said, "Looks like we’ll have a browse line on our raspberries this year." Normally, I associate a browse line with herbivores like deer, but she’s right. Dalla’s not likely to forget where the tasty raspberries can be found.

Fortunately, the vines are up on the new supports we built this year so most of the crop is well above her greedy snout.

We’re not sure what made the difference this year, but we have a bountiful crop of raspberries on the vines. Many, many more raspberries than last year. We’re not sure if it is the supports, the fertilizer, or the weather, but something has really kicked the plants into overdrive. Now that strawberry season is fading a bit, we’re looking forward to eating our raspberries.