We have a new resident in our yard. A house wren adopted our back yard earlier this spring and has been singing his little heart out in hopes of attracting a mate. We’ve never had a house wren in the yard before, so it took some time before we could figure out what species of bird he was. It didn’t help that he is quite small, particularly quick, and notoriously shy. However, his song is quite distinctive and enjoyable. He perches on top of the raspberry supports that I built earlier this spring and sings his mating song several times before moving on to other perches around the back yard.

House wrens are supposed to be relatively territorial, but he hasn’t kicked the house sparrows out of the bird house near our patio. They are still busy packing that bird house with straw, twigs, and pine needles. I suppose it won’t be long until they raise another brood in the little yellow house.

Our vegetable garden, such as it is, is finally completely in the ground (and I use that word loosely). Because much of our yard is shady for long portions of the day, we have very few areas that we can use as vegetable gardens. So, we have a collection of tomato and pepper plants on the south side of the house that keep one lone broccoli plant company. On the patio, we have cherry tomato plants, peppers, lettuce, and a bush cucumber in containers. Under a pine tree, and hence a partially shady place, we have some more cherry tomatoes, some volunteer cherry tomatoes, a volunteer gourd of some kind (it’s probably either pumpkin or decorative gourds), some zucchini, and some butternut squash.

The flower garden in front of the house always looks pretty bad this time of year. Everything is growing and getting bushy, but there aren’t many flowers. In addition, the tulips haven’t quite died back enough for us to pull their leaves off. Finally, weeds are growing up amongst the tulips. When we pull the dead tulip leaves off we’ll pull the weeds at the same time, but for now it doesn’t look very good.