For the past year or so, one of my daily pleasures was reading BatGirl’s blog. Her motto was “Less stats, more sass” and she routinely delivered. Her writing was always clever and insightful. While some manage insightful, and even fewer manage clever, only an elite minority master both. BatGirl, (a.k.a. Anne Ursu) was one of those talented few. Her writings opened up new ways for me to view the game of baseball, and the players on the Minnesota Twins. While I may never use the nicknames she created for some of the players, (Justin “The Island of Dr.” Morneau, “Chairman” Mauer, Johan “El Presidente” Santana, Carlos “The Jackal” Silva, and many others), it is almost impossible for me to think about those players without those names creeping into my internal dialogue.

Today, she announced that she was hanging up her keyboard to concentrate on her family. As surely as the sun rises in the East, the Internet is a bit colder and darker knowing that she won’t be writing her Twins-oriented stories any longer.

Now I find myself hoping that she takes a page from Michael Jordan’s book of retirement and that the urge to spill some digital ink will soon overwhelm her common sense. If she decides to make a return, BatGirl will no doubt find a large and eager audience awaiting her arrival.