The weather warmed up significantly this weekend. Sarah and I spent most of the weekend outdoors working around the house. Saturday morning we ran a number of errands. The farmer’s market near our house opened on Saturday, and we were able to make our first purchases of the season. They weren’t much (some tomatoes, milk, yogurt, and sauerkraut), but they were a promise of the season’s produce yet to come. Sarah weeded the herb garden and spread cocoa mulch to hopefully keep the weeds from coming back. I’ve been working on making one of our rain barrels stop leaking around the spigot. If my attempts with one barrel are successful, I’ll drain the other barrel and fix that one, too. We’ve been busy pulling dandelions out of our yard, but given their numbers and our available time, neither of us is holding out hope of a successful counter-attack.

Saturday afternoon, my second-cousin, Scott, came to town with his son, Taylor. Taylor was playing in a soccer tournament, so we dropped by to watch the game. Taylor’s team lost 3-0 after a particularly ugly first half, but even though they played better in the second half, they could never muster the offense to pull even. After the game, Scott ate dinner with Amy, Sarah, and I at the Great Dane pub near our house. Sarah and I had to leave early because we had tickets for “Urinetown: The Musical.”

“Urinetown” is a farcical musical that is now springing up across the land. It won several Tony awards, and after seeing the play I can understand why. It is a sharp, clever piece of musical theater. Sarah didn’t enjoy the show as much as I did, and that’s fine. Not every show is equally appealing to everyone.

Ira enjoyed spending most of the weekend outdoors. He tromped around his pen, ate some freshly pulled dandelions, and generally enjoyed getting out of his winter quarters. Dalla helped us whenever we did any digging, which both Sarah and I found enormously helpful. I put a couple of pictures of Dalla in her picture gallery.