A partial journal for our trip to Arizona in 2006.

Wednesday==========Arrive in PHX. Rent Dodge Stratus and head south on I-10. Stop for lunch atLucy’s Cafe. David: Pepperoni and Sausage pizza and Widmer Hefeweizen;Sarah: Chicken Ceasar salad (and wine?). Purchase bottle of Encore 2001blended red for Tina and Mike. Start heading south again. Trash alongInterstate. Rooster Cogburn’s ostrich ranch. Arrive in Tucson. Meet Mikeand Tina at condo. Geoff and Colleen arrive later in rented HHR. Head outon hike up Ventana Canyon trail from back of development. Geoff searchesfor bighorn sheep. After hike, a swim in (warm) development pool and somesoaking in (hot!) spa. Dinner at Gaazi’s Italian restaurant. Decent, butnot spectacular. Huge servings. Dessert at Cold Stone Creamery. Not worththe money. Sarah and Geoff drive to Tucson airport to get Geoff put onStratus’ allowed drivers list. David nods off while they are gone. Whenthey return, David and Sarah push aside sofas, strip them of cushions, andmake bed on floor.

Thursday==========Sarah and Dave walk over to nearby resort to purchase newspaper. Geoff andColleen pack up their stuff and say their goodbyes. Off to Pima Air andSpace Museum for AMARC tour. While on grounds, see Sikorsky Skycrane, SuperGuppy, Vomit Comet, variety of unique and not-so-unique aircraft. Use thewalkie-talkies that came with the condo to communicate while at Pima Air andSpace. AMARC tour is on an air-conditioned bus. See numerous aircraft,including many B-52s and Titan missiles. F-4’s are being turned into targetdrones. Numerous A-10’s soar overheard during our time on the base and atthe Museum. Dinner at El Charro. David has draught Dos Equis Amber andCarne Seca: dry meat; house specialty; it’s okay. Sarah has fish tacos;they were good. Back to the condo to watch the Olympics. Sarah and Davidgo for late night swim and quick soak in hot tub before bed.

Friday==========David and Sarah start morning with 1 hour hike on Ventana Canyon trail. Find a better path to resort to buy newspaper. After breakfast, drive towest side of Tucson and visit Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. Watch RaptorFree Flight demonstration with Harris’ hawks. See pumas, gray wolf, otherdesert cats, no desert tortoise (hibernation), no desert reptiles or lizards(probably hibernating), javelinas, cacti too numerous to count. Eat lunchat picnic area. More Desert Museum after lunch. Cloudy day, so Kitt Peakobservatory night viewing canceled. Stop at Wild Oats Market and buycatfish, eggs, yams, and whatnot for dinner. No decaf coffee, so buy coffeefrom Ike’s Coffee instead. Next to Basha’s for mangoes. David and Sarah make corn-meal encrusted catfish fillets, yam fries, andmango beverage for dinner. Also serve bottle of Encore wine. After dinner,Sarah has dark chocolate bar while everyone else eats frosted brownies. Watch Olympics after dinner.

Saturday==========Up early. David finds new newspaper dispenser in condo development. Because condo only has place settings for four, dishes are an issue. Dishwasher soap dispenser failed to open the previous night, so David washesall dishes by hand before others awake and while Sarah runs on VentanaCanyon trail. After breakfast (including strawberries from previous day’sshopping trips), off to Rincon Farmer’s Market (Sarah’s pick). David buysfive AZ-grown grapefruit. Sarah buys dog treats for Dalla and Maya. Discover that morning that Sarah’s sunglasses are broken. David and Sarahshare tomale and chile relleno. Tina shares her egg and chorizo burritowith Sarah and David. All browse the cactus dealer behind the market. Themarket was held in a large white barn that has a green roof. David andSarah are sorely tempted to purchase some nice furniture but lack a good wayto get it back to Wisconsin, so pass. Meet a Rottweiller-Mix named Milton. His person sells supposedly hollistic dog food and treats. After Farmer’sMarket, visit Colossal Cave. Nobody is keen to pay for the cave tour (it isrelatively expensive), drive deeper into the park and spend some timevisiting the historic ranch. Visit an original CCC structure which is now amuseum. Take picture of fabulous painted French doors. Pile back in car toseek lunch. Have lunch at bar along Old Spanish Trail (road). David andSarah both have a mesquite-smoked chicken breast which is really good. Itactually tastes like it was smoked with mesquite. After lunch, drive toTucson Electric Park to see if we can see any of MLB spring training(pitchers and catchers had reported). Nothing is going on, so we headSouth to visit the Titan Missile Museum.