There are few books written that have the potential to be almost universally popular. Marley and Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog by John Grogan is one of those books.

When I brought a copy of the book home from the library late last week, Sarah almost immediately grabbed it off the coffee table and started devouring it. Soon after, she revealed that my sister, Amy, also had finished the book recently. I picked the book up on a whim after seeing it on a table at the library. The picture of the dog on the front cover drew me in and the words inside ensured that I took it home. Grogan is a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and telling stories is his primary skill. He uses that skill to its utmost in this book as he relates all the antics, successes, and failures of his family’s life with Marley, a 100 pound golden lab with far more brawn than brain.

This book is one of the few books that had me laughing out loud page and page. It’s the rare book that makes me laugh out loud even once; at times, Marley and Me had me laughing so loud and so hard that I had trouble reading. For page after page I would chuckle, chortle, guffaw, and hoot with glee at Marley’s delightfully rambunctious and often brain-dead antics. The Grogan family’s equally naive expectations and complete lack of experience with a wild beast only added fuel to the fire.

If you’ve ever owned a dog of any temperament or breed, I highly recommend Marley and Me. Even if you’re not a dog owner, the skill displayed by Grogan in telling the story makes this book a delightful read. In short, get this book and read it. You’ll thank me later.