March and April are by far the cruelest months in Wisconsin.

In March and April the weather warms up noticeably for stretches whichcauses the expectation of spring and summer to rise up in area residents. Unfortunately, nice days like today and tomorrow invariably are followedby days with forecast temperatures in the twenties and a chance of lightsnow. Today, the temperature should be in the low fifties with sun, whiletomorrow we should see the lower sixties with a slight chance of rain. Bothdays should do much to eradicate the remaining snow on the ground in all butthe tallest drifts and most densely packed ice. After that, we’ll be leftwith a few scattered piles of dirty snow and grayish-brown grass and soil. Saturday night, Sarah, Amy, and I attended the NCAA semi-final women’shockey game between Wisconsin (ranked number one in the nation and thedefending champs) and Harvard (ranked number six). The game started at19:00 local time, and went into four overtimes before the game was decided. It was a tight contest and anyone’s game right up until Wisconsin scored inthe fourth overtime. By the end of the third, even the fans were gettingtired, so I can’t imagine how tired the girls on the ice were.

Sarah bought a new bike on Saturday at one of the local bike extravaganzas. It’s a high-end Trek (Madone 5.2) with a carbon-fibre frame and Ultegracomponents. She saved more than $1800 off the list price, which made thepurchase a bit easier on the wallet. Since she’s been logging so many mileswith her bike club the last couple of years, I don’t have any doubts thatshe’ll get her money’s worth out of this new bike. It, of course, instantlybecame the nicest bike in our house.

That purchase also pushed her back into the lead in our non-existent contestto see who can justify owning the most bikes. She’s now got five to myfour. Even that four is suspect as one of the four is down to a frame andhandlebars since I cannibalized the rest. However, if youcounted the three bikes I’m planning on selling this spring, I’d haveseven. Now if only we had somewhere to store all those bikes thatwasn’t our basement…

Dalla got another squirrel on Sunday. Sarah took her hiking in theforest attached to the university and she found a squirrel foraging in deepsnow reasonably far from a tree. The squirrel just wasn’t able to pushthrough the snow fast enough and the Mighty Hunter made it pay.