That is the First Iron Law of Life at the Pole.

Both yesterday and today I’ve been working hard and long to help smooth out some of the waves that we’ve created. But as the First Iron Law dictates, nothing goes very smoothly. So, things that worked well in the North fall to pieces here or fail to function at all. Systems that were built and tested extensively now appear to be nothing more than loose affiliations of gremlins and demons conspiring to ruin our peaceful existance.

Of course, it wasn’t all bad. We had a reasonably tasty lunch of homemade mac and cheese with some chili that I didn’t try, but that got resounding nods of approval from all other takers. Dinner was less than spectacular. The blackened catfish fillets sounded like a good idea, but perhaps they were brined or something as they were really, really salty.

David in ECW

There has been a request for more photos of me, so I’ve included one that shows my typical headwear. Because the snow and ice reflect so much sunlight, glacier glasses are key to preventing snow blindness. In addition, we’re under the ozone hole here, so the UV rays are much stronger than they are in the North. Keeping your skin covered is an effective method to prevent sunburn.

The Met people tell me that today set a new record low for this date, -32.7C/-26.9F. And yes, that’s before wind chill.

A team from the British Antarctic Survey has been flying in and out of the South Pole the last few days in their bright red Twin Otter. Tonight on our way to dinner some of my collegues and I had our picture taken in front of the plane.

David, Paul, Karthik