With the end of the holiday weekend, Thanksgiving has come and gone once again.

Sarah and I hosted a small gathering this year as her parents came out to visit. In addition, we invited some friends and co-workers, of whom just two could join us this year. All in all, we fed six people and one dog, counting ourselves and Dalla. The menu was actually fairly easy to prepare:- Mushroom lasagna

  • Meatballs
  • Squash soup
  • Sourdough bread
  • Salad
  • Vegetable sticks
  • Olives and artichoke hearts
  • Wine
  • Tuxedoed Penguins In addition, one of my co-workers brought sweet potato pecan pie, which we ate for dessert. The lasagna was easy as Mike and Tina (Sarah’s parents) helped us put it together the night before so all we had to do was pop in in the over on Thursday. The meatballs I threw together on Thursday morning because I worried that we wouldn’t have enough food otherwise (as it turned out, we had plenty, of course). Sarah made the squash soup and whipped cream for the pie. Mike, Sarah, and I worked together to turn piles of olives, some cream cheese, and a carrot into the Tuxedoed Penguins that were cute, but nothing special to eat. All in all, everyone seemed to get plenty of food and nobody (other than me, strangely) was all that interested in dinner.

After the meal, we broke out the croquet set, and played a mean game on the finely manicured turf that is our back yard. Despite being sent to the far corners of the yard three times, Mike and Tina won the game when Tina went on a hot streak as they approached the far post.

The weather all weekend was great with temperatures in the fifties with no rain or snow. On Friday, Mike, Tina, Sarah, Dalla, and I went down to State St. for some shopping. Dalla, of course, generated all sorts of conversation from people passing by. She was even invited into the sporting goods store, as they are “dog friendly.”

Friday evening, the four humans ate at Cocoliquot, a new-ish restaurant in downtown Madison. The food was generally quite good, though nothing near cheap. We all enjoyed ourselves to one degree or another, though perhaps Sarah’s entree wasn’t all that she was hoping for.

After we got home, Sarah had some wicked heartburn which kept her from sleeping very well. The next morning, she felt nauseus, groggy, and generally quite unhappy. Apparently, something she ate the night before did not sit well with her.

Short of sticking a finger down her throat to induce vomiting, there wasn’t much we could do beyond making her comfortable and providing some peace and quiet, so Mike, Tina, and I went off to visit the winter headquarters for the downtown Farmer’s Market. We picked up some apples, tomatoes, flowers, sausages, and popcorn from the non-trivial number of vendors in attendance.

In the afternoon, while Sarah continued to rest and recuperate, Mike, Dalla, and I went hiking for a couple of hours while Tina kept Sarah company. When we got back to the house, Sarah was feeling better, so we all sat down to dinner before heading off to the hockey game.

It wasn’t until today that Sarah was feeling back to her old self. Whatever she ate at the restaurant seems to finally have released her GI tract from its unholy grip.