More than a month has passed since I’ve posted to this space. It’s not that I don’t have anytyhing to say, but rather, too much to say and too little time to say it.

Sarah has been very busy trying to finish up her Master’s degree. Given our schedule for the upcoming two months, it seems likely that she will finish her work in February. There is almost no way to overstate how ready she is to move on with her life. The past month has seen her furiously working away in the lab to process her samples, and reading endless academic articles on archaeology, geology, and paleoecology in an attempt to establish a firm academic basis for her thesis. While she has been doing that, I’ve been getting ready for my trip to the South Pole. My job at IceCube is sending me to the South Pole via New Zealand for three weeks in December. On December 9th, I leave Madison and after something near 10,000 flight miles, I’ll arrive in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 11 Dec 07. After a couple of days in New Zealand taking care of some administrative details, I’m scheduled to take a military transport flight to McMurdo Station, located on the coast of Antarctica, on 14 Dec 07. On 15 Dec 07, I’m scheduled to board yet another military flight to Amundsen-Scott Station at the South Pole. Once I’m at the Pole, I should be there through 05 Jan 07, when I’ll start the multi-leg process of returning to more temperate climes.

Sarah bought her ticket to join me in New Zealand once I get out of Antarctica and we’ll spend roughly eleven days kicking around New Zealand before flying to Sydney, Australia. After spending three days in Sydney, it’s back on board an aircraft to start another set of nearly endless flights back to Madison.

Suffice it to say that between Sarah’s thesis, my work, and getting ready for those trips, we don’t much spare time, it seems.

We still find time to take in Wisconsin Men’s Hockey games, though the team this year isn’t nearly as talented as the team that won the college championship last year. We bought season tickets again this year, even though we’ll both be gone for the year’s big highlight (the home game against Minnesota).

Curling season has started and we’re both playing on teams again this year. My team is unchanged from last year, while Sarah’s league has been shaken and stirred so she has completely new teammates. So far, neither team is doing that badly. Her team is 2-1 while mine pulled out a squeaker on Thursday night to run our record to 3-0.

Two weeks ago, I started brewing some beer, and now that its initial fermentation is done, I’m hoping to get it into bottles this weekend. Otherwise, I probably won’t get to drink any of it before I leave the country.

The election is finally done and even though Wisconsin’s results didn’t exactly mirror my desires, I can’t be too disheartened with the outcome. If nothing else, Dave Zien, the ever-so-wonderful state legislator who pushed again and again for concealed carry in Wisconsin, was booted out of office quite unceremoniously by residents of his district. In addition, John Gard, the lying fascist who previously headed up the Wisconsin state senate, failed in his bid to represent a good-sized chunk of north-eastern Wisconsin in the US House. Beyond the fact that he was a hypocritical weasel, I like to think that voters in that district got tired of electing someone who pretended to represent them, yet lived no less than four hours outside of that district. Even visits by Cheney and Bush weren’t enough to propel Gard to a victory over a local allergist with no prior political experience.