As September draws to a close, Sarah and I have been engaged in our end of summer activities.

This weekend, Sarah’s bicycle club sponsored a cyclocross race just outside of Madison. She took part in the clinic on Saturday and raced in her first cyclocross race this morning. She took third and received a bronze medal for her efforts. Yesterday, we went hiking at our favorite local hiking spot for the first time in quite a while. We like to hike on he Belleville/Brooklyn segment of the Ice Age Trail and we hike there in spring, fall, and winter. The Trail in that segment borders a huge marsh, and the mosquitoes can be overwhelming in the summer, so we generally avoid the trail until this time of year. About 45 minutes from the trailhead, there is a hand pump that brings up well water, and we have gotten into the habit of hiking out to the pump, drinking a bit, and heading back to the car. We didn’t have a surfeit of time yesterday, but we managed to make it to the pump and back regardless. Along the way, we took some photos of ourselves, Dalla, and the Trail’s surroundings.

Two weeks ago we went apple picking with some of my coworkers and their families. We only picked $10 worth of apples, but we still have half a bag left after eating them with pretty much every meal for the last week.

Even though the stumblebum Vikings have been playing for the past few weeks, I’ve been so completely caught up in the Twins that I haven’t been able to get very excited about the unsurprisingly below-average offense that the Vikings field this year.

The Twins, on the other hand, are an interesting and compelling team. I love the way they play the game: playing solid defense, fielding strong pitchers, getting runners on base, moving them over, and then driving them home. I certainly wasn’t alone today when I turned into a die-hard Royals fan for one day.