Dalla and I went hiking last Monday evening after work along a segment of the Ice Age Trail relatively near our house. While Dalla was busy making life miserable for squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits, I discovered that the wild blackberries along the trail were in season. Since it seems that wild blackberries are in season for approximately fifteen minutes every summer, I took advantage of the fact by picking a pint or so. While I was picking them, I occasionally popped a couple into my mouth and enjoyed the taste of fruit taken off the vine and popped directly into my mouth. Dalla eventually noticed the fact that I was feeding myself and she naturally wanted to try what I was eating. So, after I tossed her a blackberry. After a careful and deliberate inspection the blackberry was deemed Food, and hence, worthy of consumption. After that, if I didn’t regularly throw her one or two, she would pick the blackberries off the vines herself. Of course, dog snouts aren’t really set up for berry picking, so she would often get a couple of ripe berries, a couple of nearly ripe berries, and one or two quite green berries. The flavor of those less ripe berries would then dissuade her from picking more berries herself for a few minutes.

Eventually, we picked enough to have with yogurt and on cereal, so we came home. Since our raspberry patch has yet to produce berries this year, the surprise harvest of the wild blackberries was even better.