Sarah and I are about to place another order for bison. We’re buying a 1/4 of a bison for ourselves from a Wisconsin bison rancher, and are willing to try and organize people to purchase another 1/4 or so collectively. The going price is $3.00/lb and a share of a 1/4 consists of roughly thirty pounds of meat. The shares should be roughly 3-2 ground/ribs/roasts/stew meant/soupbones to steaks.
There are five shares of the size we’re selling in a 1/4 bison. Before we’ll sell shares six-nine, share ten also has to be sold. That means we’re only selling shares in a 1/4 if we can sell the whole quarter. We’re not interested in more bison for ourselves since we’re already buying a whole 1/4 just for us.

Caveats: The bison are raised near Princeton, WI and are processed by a small butcher near Oshkosh. The meat is shrink-wrapped in plastic and it holds up very well to long-term freezing. All of the meat is frozen when it is picked up from the processor. When the meat will be available is unknown since the rancher does not (yet) have a butcher date. Based on past experience with this rancher and processor, I expect 01 June 2006 will be earliest the meat will be available. Because these are obvious natural products, and no one really knows how much meat is on an animal until it has been processed, all the weights are estimates.

If you’re interested in buying a share, contact either myself or Sarah for more details.