According to a story in today’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: At least nine people were shot in various disputes over the weekend, and the gunfire resulted in one death.That gunfire took place just in the greater Milwaukee area. Of course, Dave Zien (R-Eau Claire) is insistent that putting more guns in the public’s hands in the form of concealed carry is the answer to such carnage. He’s promised to, once again, try and ramrod a bill through the legislature this fall to legalize concealed carry in Wisconsin. Of course it doesn’t matter that a majority of Wisconsin residents don’t want concealed carry legalized. It doesn’t matter that the bill has died each of the last two years. It doesn’t matter that Wisconsin is one of just three states that does not legalize concealed carry and we like it like that.

Nope. None of that matters to the NRA, their lobbyists, members, and the state legislators on their payroll.

Their answer to the above headline is usually something like, “Well, the people who were shot just needed to be carrying guns of their own to protect themselves.” It’s too bad that the NRA’s members don’t understand only nation states can even being to play MAD (mutual assured destruction) games successfully.