When did being an individual become a bad thing?

A bill, passed by the Wisconsin Legislature and currently sitting on the Governor’s desk, gives banks, credit unions, and others the power to repossess cars without going first to small claims court for a court order. According to an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “A report submitted to lawmakers by the Wisconsin Financial Services Association stresses that Wisconsin is the only state that makes a creditor go to court before every repossession.” Why must Wisconsin join every other state in the race to the bottom? If you look at the companies and their proxies pushing this bill, all of them are in the auto credit industry. They knew fully well what the legal and regulatory environment in this state was before they started a business here. If they don’t like our consumer protection laws, perhaps they should get out of those businesses.

If Wisconsin has strong consumer protections, why should we get rid of those protections to join all the other states in their race to protect business interests above those of individuals? Is there something holy about stripping away consumer protections to benefit big business?