It’s January 2006. What on Earth have we been doing with our time?

Sarah is in Arkansas this week at Buffalo River National River. She is working for the National Park Service gathering data as part of a larger project. She’ll be back Friday afternoon. Ira is still in the fridge.

Dalla is grumpy because Sarah is gone.

We’ve been shopping for a new (to us) car the last few weeks. It’s been a slow and rather bothersome process that will probably be finished sometime in March. We’ve set an upper limit on how much we want to spend, and what features we want in the car, so that has limited our list of potential vehicles somewhat. While we’d like to purchase another wagon, there simply aren’t many wagons being manufactured any longer. Also, we aren’t yet sure if we’ll buy new or used. Ultimately, buying a late-model used car may save us a fair chunk of change.

Winter in Madison this January has been unbelievably mild. We’ve had a couple of days with temperatures in the forties and one day where we even saw the thermometer hit fifty. There is, of course, almost no snow left on the ground.

Sarah’s curling team from the first half of the seaon finished in a tie for first place. Now they have to play a championship game to determine an outright winner. She is playing on a new team in the second half of the season. In addition, we are curling together on a league team that plays on Sunday night. So far, that team is 1-1. My curling team won the first half of the season after compiling an 8-1 record which puts us into the playoffs regardless of our second half record.

Sarah bought me a trainer for my bicycle as part of my Christmas gift. The idea was that I would ride the trainer on days when the winter weather was just plain unpleasant for bicycling. However, since the trainer arrived I’ve only ridden it once because the weather has been so kind.

We bought our house a little over two years ago and now we know several other couples or families that want to move into our neighborhood. In addition, home prices around us have climbed quite a bit the last couple of years. It’s odd to be living in a suddenly desirable neighborhood. We love our location and weren’t in any hurry to move even before this area became popular.

Tonight I biked over the university to hear [E.

O. Wilson](,4273,4137503,00.html “EO Wilson biography”) speak. It’s clear that his eighty years on this planet have taken something of a toll on his speaking ability. He still is sharp and has plenty to say, he just has a bit more trouble saying it.