In Wisconsin, we take our drinking seriously. Some points to consider:- Our current state Attorney General was busted for drunk driving during her current term. Patrol car video footage of her failing a variety of road-side sobriety tests was widely circulated by the state's various media outlets. That doesn't seem to have hurt her chances for reelection as she is tied or in the lead in most polls. - Former UW-Madison students, frustrated by how long it took beer to come out of the tap, invented a beer tap that dispenses beer four times faster than a standard beer tap. In addition, the device delivers a consistant layer of foam (or head) on top of each beer. Only in Wisconsin would we be seriously concerned about how quickly beer comes out of the tap. - Fully 35% of Korbel's brandy is shipped directly to Wisconsin every year. That's 140,000 cases. 10% of the brandy produced by Korbel is shipped directly to Madison alone. - Milwaukee has more bars per capita than any other large city. - The average Wisconsin resident drinks three gallons of alcohol yearly.

Having said that, you can imagine why I was amused by a picture I found on the back of a wine bottle recently. After some contemplation, I decided that the picture was a warning not to drink from bottles and glasses the same size as my car.