What happened to the Basic car wash?

Sarah and I were at the filling station the other night putting more gold in the pockets of oil producing nations. While we were waiting, we started talking about the various car wash options available to the public at that particular station:- The lowest priced car was the so-called Deluxe Wash. That consisted of water, soap, and those air-dryers for cars.

  • The mid-priced wash was the so-called Premium Wash. The only difference is that this wash includes some sort of side panel jets.
  • The highest-priced wash was the so-called Ultimate Wash. This included two or three things the Premium Wash didn’t.

What is the Basic Wash? You can drive through the car wash bay but they don’t turn any machines on? How about the Standard Wash? You can drive through the car wash bay and they’ll turn on a couple of fans to blow the dust off your car?

It seems that when you start your product line at Deluxe and go up from there, you’re being disingenous in the use of that term. For something to be considered Deluxe, there needs to be a Standard or Basic against which the Deluxe can be compared. If your Deluxe product barely meets the idea that most people have of a standard version of the product, you’re not fooling anyone by choosing fancy names.