Sarah and I were talking about scars last night and I started lamenting that I don't have any interesting scars.

There are people who have scars that tell an interesting story:- "That's the scar I got while part of the Navy's Underwater Demolitions Team..." - "I got that scar while hiking barefoot up Mount Everest..." - "That scar marks the spot where the tiger's jaws closed around my arm..."

Instead, all of my scars are from really mundane, boring events and accidents: - The scar on my elbow is from falling off my bicycle at an extremely low speed while trying to make a tight corner right in front of the house. - The scar on my finger is from a cut that I got while fixing a bicycle. - The scar on my leg is the result of a cut I got while hiking. - The scar near my eye is from the time another kid hit me in the head with a tennis racket when I was just a little kid.

I guess I'll just have to start doing more interesting things if I want to get more interesting scars.