If you’ve seen the movie Spanglish then perhaps you saw the deluxe BLT that Adam Sandler’s character makes during the course of the movie.

The DVD extras reveal that Thomas Keller, renowned chef of French Laundry fame, was brought in to create a sandwich that Sandler’s character (a renowned chef) might make for a snack at night. The sandwich that Keller creates is a BLT with crusty artisan bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese, and an over-easy egg. As Keller makes the sandwich during the extras, and as Sandler makes the sandwich during the feature, both Sarah and I got really hungry to try that sandwich for ourselves.

So, last week, we got all the necessary ingredients and produced a pair of these deluxe BLTs.

How were they? Not bad. In fact, they were really good. Not the best food I’ve ever had, but good. However, I’ve had a sandwich the last couple of days that might be better.

Last Saturday, Sarah and I picked just about thirty pounds of strawberries from a local pick-your-own farm. We spent most of Saturday picking, washing, hulling and freezing the vast majority of the berries. We also made a good sized supply of freezer jam and some cooked jam that we canned.

We also make our own peanut butter now. If you haven’t tried it, and if you have a food processor, I would encourage you to try it yourself. The junk you get from the store in a bottle has maybe half the flavor and texture of homemade peanut butter. In addition, we’ve been trying to wear out our bread machine by making our own bread for the last year or so. Again, store bought bread has nothing on homemade bread; regardless of whether or not the homemade bread is made by a bread machine or not.

If you combine that homemade bread, peanut butter, and strawberry jam with some butter, you get one fantastic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In fact, I like those sandwiches better than I liked Keller’s Spanglish sandwich.

But, maybe you want to run your own experiment at home and see which you like better. I’ve linked to the Spanglish sandwich recipe above. if you want my peanut butter recipe, I’m happy to share it, just ask. You’ll have to find your own source of homemade strawberry jam, however.