Over the last week, Sarah and I invested some time getting rid of the old range hood in our kitchen.

When we bought our house, it came with a 42” wide stainless steel range hood. It was the house’s original range hood. The buttons to turn on the fan and light were sticky with grease; the light did not work; the fan worked occasionally and noisily. The range hood had never, ever, been cleaned, so it had forty-five years of grease, smoke, and filth in it. The new gas cooktop we installed produced more heat than the house’s original electric cooktop which was also the house’s original cooktop. When we ran one or more of the gas burners on high, we had to be careful of the range hood because that ancient grease would liquefy (due to the higher temperatures produced by the new cooktop) and drip out of the range hood. Yuck!

A couple of weeks ago, during one of my many forays to local garage sales, I picked up a relatively lightly used 36” cooktop for less than $20.

I’ll save you some of the details related to replacing a really old and disgusting appliance with a new one. During the process of replacing the hood we found a dead mouse and a variety of old dairy delivery receipts either in the ducting or behind the cooktop. We got up close and personal with some really nasty, and greasy parts. We cleaned, primed, painted, swore, drilled, sawed, swore, drilled some more, and finally got the new cooktop installed.

Once that was done, we ordered some textured glass from a local glass store to function as a backsplash. Some more measuring, swearing, drilling, head scratching, drilling, and the like preceded the final installation of the backsplash.

However, the project is now mostly complete. There are pictures of the final product in the photo gallery.