The US Forest Service’s true mission as revealed by Bill Bryson in his book, A Walk In The Woods:> The Forest Service is truly an extraordinary institution. A lot of people, seeing that word forest in the title, assume that it has something to do with looking after forests. In fact, no… [M]ostly what the Forest Service does is build roads. I am not kidding. There are 378,000 miles of roads in America’s national forests. That may seem a meaningless figure, but look at it this way–it is eight times the total mileage of America’s insterstate highway system. It is the largest road system in the world in the control of a single body. The Forest Service has the second highest number of road engineers of any government institution on the planet. To say that these guys like to build roads barely hints at their level of dedication. Show them a stand of trees anywhere and they will regard it thoughtfully for a long while, and say at last, “You know, we could put a road here.”