Sarah and I finished making a Leopold bench last night for our yard.

I’d been mumbling about making some sort of bench for the better part of a year. But, beyond mumbling, I never did much about it. Apparently, Sarah got tired of hearing about it, so she found plans for a Leopold Bench on-line and sent them to me.

We had a pile of 2x8’s sitting in the basement from a project that we had finished, so I started with those. They weren’t in the best shape as some of them had a bit of warping and what-not. But, what else was I going to use them for?

So, some cutting, sanding, staining, and assembly later, we have a pair of Leopold benches. Yes, I wrote a pair. We’re giving one to our friends who are leaving Madison for Vermont.

You can see the new bench below sitting next to Ira’s pen in the back yard. leopold_bench