Use these directions to travel from Watertown, SD to Madison, WI. This may not be the fastest route, but it is perhaps the most interesting.- Leave Watertown by traveling south on Interstate 29. - About twelve miles south of Watertown, exit the Interstate on the State Highway 22/Clear Lake exit. - Start traveling east on State Highway 22. - Stay on State Highway 22 through Clear Lake. - At the Minnesota border, the road becomes Minnesota State Highway 68. Keep traveling east on it. - Continue traveling east on MN Highway 68 until you reach Morgan. - Just after Morgan, start looking for County Highway 29. - Take a left on to County Highway 29. - Take highway 29 until it ends at an intersection with US Highway 14 just west of New Ulm. - Turn left on to US Highway 14 to travel east through New Ulm. - Just east of Cortland, MN, (which itself is about six miles east of New Ulm) turn right on to Nicollet County Highway 25. This road is not on my map, but it does exist and is in reasonably good shape. - Take highway 25 until it intersects with Nicollet County Highway 23. Turn right onto highway 23. - You are now traveling south on highway 23. This road does appear on my map and also seems to be a popular truck route. You should eventually cross an iron bridge over the Minnesota River. - Shorty after crossing the bridge, turn left onto Minnesota Highway 68 (east bound). - When you meet up with US Highway 169 (a four lane divided highway) turn left, towards Mankato. - When highway 169 meets up with US Highway 14, take US 14 east. - Take US 14 East through Mankato. - On the east side of Mankato, take the Minnesota State Highway 22 exit off of US 14 east. - Start traveling south on MN 22. This should take you through a heavily sprawl-infested area with a big mall or two. - Shortly after all the sprawl ends, turn left on MN Highway 83. This turn is after the Hoffman Road intersection. - Take MN Highway 83 until it ends at an intersection with MN Highway 30. - Turn left onto MN Highway 30 (East) towards New Richland, Ellendale, and the like. - Stay on MN Highway 30 until you get to Interstate 90. - Turn on to the Interstate heading east. - Stay on the Interstate into Wisconsin and through the I-90/I-94 merge. - Get off the Interstate at exit 126 (Highway V/Dane/Deforest). - Turn right at the top of the ramp. After completing the turn, there should be a gas station with a giant, pink elephant on your left. - Travel just about four miles to the intersection of Highway V and Highway 113. The junction is just over the top of a hill that has a farm at the top on the left side. - Turn left onto Highway 113 (south). - Travel about four miles into the city of Waunakee. At the junction of 113 and Highway Q, get in the right lane and prepare to travel straight. Ignore the sign with an arrow towards Madison! That sign will take you to the east side of Madison and you want the west side of Madison. - You are now traveling south on Highway Q. About 1/2 mile down the road from the intersection, you should come across Endres Mfg. on the left side of the road. You'll recognize it by all the tsotchkes out front. - Now you'll travel about eight miles from the previous junction (7.5 from Endres Mfg.) to the junction of highway M. - There is a PDQ gas station on the right-hand side of the road just before the intersection. - Turn right on to Highway M (traveling west) - Get into the left lane and travel about one mile. - At the Intersection with a McDonalds, turn left to get on Highway Q again (traveling south). This is Allen Blvd. - Travel another mile or so until Highway Q ends in a "T" intersection. There should be a jeweler on one corner and a Chinese restaurant, the Imperial Garden, on the other. This is the intersection of Allen Blvd and University Ave. - Turn left on to University Avenue (heading east). - About two miles later, turn right on to Segoe Rd. You'll need to merge into the far right-hand lane just after the bridge to complete this turn. After all of that, you can start looking for our house on the left side of the road.